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"Inhabited since the middle-age,
today Taney is in the heart of a natural reserve."

Welcome at the Refuge du Grammont situated by the Taney Lake, small alpine paradise
at 1'400 mt of altitude. This protected natural reserve is surrounded by
the Prealpes and has a small natural lake.

Photo of the refuge

With great pleasure we will welcome you in an informally, friendly and decontracted atmosphere. Raphaëlle will prepare small montagnard and season dishes taken from the traditional swiss and italian cuisine. Upfront, Manuel will recommend the wines in a pleasefull and happy living way. At the end of the evening, you can extend the "holiday spirit" untill the next day by sleeping in our comfortable rooms or dorms.

Manuel MICOLI & Raphaëlle HERRMANN

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From 11h to 16h00
Sunday to 15h00
Evening upon reservation

SEPTEMBRE 26th 2023
Exceptionally Closed

Chasse 2023
Propositions en
septembre, octobre et novembre
Menus Chasse

From October 23rd 2023
To November 26th 2023

OPEN from Friday 10h
To Sunday 16h

From November 27th 2023
To December 26th 2023

December 27th 2023
to January 7th 2024

open every day

28 décembre 2023
Journée Crêpes

From January 8th 2024
To April 1st 2024

OPEN from Friday 10h
To Sunday 16h

19th to 21st JANUARY 2024

From April 2nd 2024
To May 7th 2024

Refuge du Grammont - Chemin du Lac 1 - 1896 MIEX
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