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"Inhabited since the middle-age,
today Taney is in the heart of a natural reserve."

What to do in Taney...

In Taneys' Natural Reserve you can do many different activities.

Lake in winter

Taney is accessible with snowshoes or by ski-hiking. Once reached the reserve, you can go aronund the Taneys' lake or towards the mountains' summits nearby, varoius itinerarys are possible.

In January and February the lake is completly frozen and it is possible to cross it by foot, weather permitting. It is also possible to dive under the iced lake.

From the Flon parking it takes about 1 hour to reach Taney.

Lake in summer
Trakking itinerary signpost

"All the roads take to the Taney Lake"
The Natural reserve of Taney is situated on variuos trakking itinerarys. It is accessible Northbound from St-Gingolph, Eastbound from Vouvry, Southbound from Torgon and Westbound from "Col d'Ugeon" and "la Dent d'Oche". The reserve is also the starting point to reach the famous "Cornettes de Bise" (France).

After a long day walk, you can always take a swim in the lake...brrrrr! (in summer, water temperature can reach 20°C)

View of Taney from the Tache

Amongst other activities, it is possible to scuba dive in the lake in summer as well as in winter season.

Whilst trakking on the summits of the mountains surrounding Taneys' reserve you'll have a magnificent view over the Geneva Lake, the Rhone valley, the Alpes as well as Mont-Blanc.

All around the reserve there are many rock climbing spots with various degrees of difficulty.

There is also an important network of caves - "La Grande et la Petites Barme", "Sur les Creux" and "la grotte des Crosses".


After a long working week, the "Lac Taney" offers many possibilities for a relaxing break. You can abbandon yourself whilst fishing. Yearly or daily licence requested. If you are lucky and know-how, you can catch trouts or chars.

Happy fishing...


View of the lake
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